Health living on the go

The condition of the body is a burden which every health-conscious individual must carry. For one to actualize the dream of living healthy, one must strengthen his or her immunity through various strategic means. Proper growth and functioning of the body of any human being depends on its ability to maintain a stable internal environment.


Having a proper diet is a pretty astute move to a healthy living. This usually gives the body the maximum satisfaction it desires, although nutritional demand usually varies in different individuals. The deficiency or excessiveness of a particular food nutrient is always either detected through the phenotype of the individuals or otherwise. For instance; a person who consumes a lot of fatty diet usually ends up being endomorphic and vice versa. This simply means that one can adjust his or her body to a more preferable state.


The daily intake of a judicious amount of fruits and vegetables also helps immensely in the maintenance of the body stability.  This is so because they contain vitamins and minerals in high proportion which helps the body to build a strong immunity against diseases. They help in the formation of blood cells such as red blood cells, white blood cells and blood platelets which gives the blood its red colouration, fight against diseases and helps in the clotting of blood respectively. All these help the body system in proper homeostasis.


The use of herbs should be encouraged in our society today. Physicians all over the world lecture their patients about the usefulness, efficiency and the effectiveness of herbs. Herbs are natural plant leaves which serve nutritional and medicinal purposes. Modern drug manufacturers of nowadays make use of chemicals which seem to be friendly to the body system but proves harmful when it accumulates in the body. Herbs have an edge over modern or man-made drugs due to its natural nature.


A healthy individual is usually detected by the rank of his or her physical performance. The body system is like an engine which needs to be warmed up regularly in order to satisfy the demands of body metabolism. To form the habit of constant body exercise is another clever avenue to living a healthy life. Exercise enhances fitness and improves the functional efficiency of the body system. It stretches the muscles and bones so as to make the body more flexible. Lack of constant exercise usually has a deleterious effect on the physical performance of an individual.


Towards a healthy living, another significant factor is environmental sanity. The sanitation of ones environment invariably determines the quality of the substances which he or she takes in. For instance; in an industrial area, its inhabitants inhale carbon monoxide (CO) constantly and are therefore prone to untimely death due to its poisoning effects in the body.

The purpose of acquiring immunity is for a healthy life and the purpose of being healthy is for a proper growth. The hormones of the body play a vital role in body stability.



The Uses and abuses of human growth hormones

Ever since the discovery of Human Growth Hormone in the 1970s, it has been a subject of intense controversy worldwide. Its uses and the credibility of the claims of its positive effectiveness has been the reason for this controversy.


The widely accepted medical usage of Human Growth Hormone is for the cure of growth deficiency to avoid the eventual cases of gigantism and dwarfism in children. Children with low Human Growth Hormone productivity are injected with it under the prescription of a qualified physician. But in recent times, it has become an instrument of self-reformation.


Human Growth Hormones are used in the stimulation of the build up of muscles in the body. This practice is exclusive to athletes, precisely wrestlers who use it to develop their muscles into larger and more dependable ones. This is to have a bigger energy storage organ which would help make their performances more scintillating. The ingestion of Human Growth Hormones into their blood stream stimulates the growth of stronger bones and muscles that will perfectly fit their business. This practice although banned by practically all sports governing bodies is experiencing a disgusting increase in its usage worldwide.


The abuse of Human Growth Hormone extends to its use in ageing. People who desire to look younger than their ages make use of certain creams, powders, sprays and pills to retard their ages. Bleaching creams and powders are now commonly used in the transformation of skin colour to a more preferable one. The after effects of these practices are neglected. The effects of these Human Growth Hormone products at a certain age is no more seen or felt on the body of the user because nature has taken its place.



The introduction of Human Growth Hormone into the body can also stimulate the rapid growth of hairs. People who engage in modeling activities use this medium to increase or decrease the length and density of their hair so as to adjust to new developments. As Human Growth Hormone which is responsible for growth is introduced into the body in large quantity, its stimulation for hair growth will be more rapid. It is sometimes also used in the maintenance of hair colour.


The quest for a satisfactory sexual intercourse between sex partners in most case leads to the abuse of Human Growth Hormone. It helps in the improvement of ones libido, increases ones sperm count and also helps in the gaining of sexual fitness among sex partners for the purpose of deriving sexual satisfaction. For this dream to be actualized, the stimulation of growth of the human sexual organs is necessary. As a matter of fact, the sexual effectiveness of ones sexual organs improves as it develops and therefore gives his or her partner the utmost satisfaction desired.


Numerous attempts to regulate the unapproved usage of Human Growth Hormone have all proved abortive. This is as a result of its proliferated usage and its ability to provide good results when depended on.



The possibility of achieving weight loss through human growth hormone

Weight control is one of the major functions of the human growth hormone. This hormone is usually plenty in the body of a young individual. This might probably be because of the little or no immunity which they have against diseases and their need for a rapid growth, unlike the adults who have no need for these. Its increase and decrease is determined by the amount of growth hormone in which the body is able to produce. As we all know, the size of the body determines its weight.


One with a lot of body fat will by no doubt have a lot of weight. Ones weight can be adjusted depending on his or her choice. The aim of loosing weight is the reduction in the amount of fats in the body. Series of testimonies has been given about the efficiency of Human Growth Hormone in reducing weight. But I don’t really see the efficiency in this way of loosing weight because the loss of weight noticed is usually minimal. Only a few pounds of weight loss are noticed.


Physicians all over the world in the war against this practice warn their patients against the use of Human Growth Hormone in the reduction of body weight. This is as a result of the side-effects encountered at a latter stage in life. The use of Human Growth Hormone in the reduction of weight and some other physiological adjustments is not approved by any of the world’s health governing bodies.


The effect of Human Growth Hormone is felt in the body of its users only when injected. This is because when ordinarily consumed through the mouth, it is being broken down by the acidic environment in the stomach, thereby not actualizing the aim in which it was introduced into the body. Human Growth Hormone when injected into the body through the blood stream circulates to all parts of the body alongside with the blood and its compositions.


People who engage in the use of this hormone do not totally understand the activities going on in their body system. Despite the fact that people believe that Human Growth Hormone when introduce into the body reduces weight, its effects are far beyond just the reduction of weight. This hormone equally enlarges the muscles although neglected by its users.


Just as modelers engage in the maintenance of their body as they get older, it equally includes the adjustment of their body weight. They mainly do not do this for their own personal interest, but also for the interest of their fans who would always desire to have them outshine their rivals.


In the world of sports, reduction of weight seems to be quite necessary for athletes to perform well although it is a form of exercise which reduces the accumulation of fats in the body of people who engage in it. Therefore, reduction of weight is precisely meant for new sports partakers who need to make rapid progress.


Tips on how you can loose weight without going for the Yo-Yo dieting

When you want to loose a few pounds, you do not need to endanger your life or disfigure your body. A lot of people have ended up creating more problems for themselves in the quest for a desirable body appearance. To avoid being a victim, you need to turn a deaf ear and a blind eye to what some of these so-called weight loss experts tell and show you respectively. There are better and safer ways you can loose weight without going for the risky yo-yo dieting. Below are some tips that can help you:-

1.     Mind your eating habits

You do not need to be told that much of what goes into your body determines how you would look like. So what do you usually eat? Have you become accustomed to eating a particular kind of food? If yes, have you cared finding out how your body reacts to it? If you are one of those that usually have dinner or lunch in fast food places several times a week or enjoys eating frozen or processed food other than home cooked meals, you had better watch it. Your favourite meal might just be what will work against your body appearance desire.

2.     Device a good plan for your meal

If you are sure that loosing weight is your concern, then you must be prepared to be a bit strict with your body. Now, you have to decide what you eat based on what you need and not what you want. In doing this, your weekly schedule will be very influential. Depending on what you do, there should be day you know will be more hectic for you and days you will have time to prepare a healthier meal. On these hectic days, a healthy snack or a quick fix meal can serve.

3.     Eat only when hungry

Do not live to eat but eat to live. During periods of festivities, this might seem almost impossible as you are sure to hang out with friends who might not care about how what they eat affect their body. But it is left for you to say no when you should.

4.     Avoid caffeine

A lot of people have formed the habit of taking caffeine-containing substances especially before going to bed. They assume it helps them wake up on time daily. This though is true but is not healthy for your body. Do you know what this caffeine does to your body? It can cause thirst and hunger pang which can consequently lead to constant lack of energy. This will lead to lethargy which can ruin your weight loss efforts.

5.     Take enough water while eating

Water is not only good for your health in the sense that it enhances digestion but also can help you loose weight. How do this happen? Taking plenty of water while eating makes you get filled even with a little amount of food and still have the same amount of energy you would have gotten from a large meal. It makes your body not have any need for constant storage which will make you add weight.

With these tips, you can get the body appearance of your dream. You can also back them up constant exercise. It wasn’t included in the tips since it is an activity I’m sure you should be doing on a daily basis.